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Bridges are amazing feats of engineering because they allow us to form connections. In order for bridges to operate properly they must be continually inspected. Signs of stress must be quickly addressed or bridges could fail, severing the connection they formed and causing massive damage. How are you maintaining the bridges between your customers and your business?

Perhaps you’ve built a bridge based on customer service. If a customer has an issue you always respond quickly and thoroughly, and you don’t rest until the issue is resolved. That’s great! Consider creating a survey in which you ask your customers how they feel about your customer service. If the survey identifies a potential stress point that you were not aware of, you can address it quickly and keep your customer service bridge operating safely.

Your website is definitely a bridge between you and your current and potential customers. Now would be a great time to inspect your website. Is it representing you and your services accurately? Are there any broken links or outdated materials that need to be refreshed? If so, take action now to keep the bridge fully functional.

Your brand itself is a valuable bridge. Is it time to update your logo? Do you have a verbal and a visual system in place that keeps your brand front-and-center with your audience? An audit of your current brand elements may expose a weakness that you need to address to keep your “brand bridge” operating safely.

You put a lot of time and energy into forming bridges between your business and your customers. Properly maintaining those bridges by performing routine inspections will ensure those bridges remain in tact.

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