Wait, what? A digital marketing agency telling you to ditch your CTAs? 

Sounds crazy, but it’s true. We’re asking you to stop using CTAs (Calls To Action) in your digital marketing, and start using CTIAs: Calls to InterAction.

Traditional marketing says you must ask your audience to take an action after reading or watching your content. But for the most part, our CTAs are “read more” or “download the report.” In essence, we are performing a monologue with our audience. We are talking to them and hoping they are listening. 

Wouldn’t it be better to engage in a dialogue, instead of perform a monologue? An actual discussion with your audience in which you share information, and they interact with you? We believe so, and here are three ways to inject calls to interaction into your marketing:

1. Post your content in social media

Social media is where people engage in conversations all day, every day. Instead of pointing your CTA button to a PDF or a static page on your website, try posting the content on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Medium so your audience can share their thoughts on your content. Not only will you be able to gather feedback on your content, but you’ll encourage people to share your content with others. 

2. Develop surveys

According to Snap Surveys, online surveys are a flexible and efficient way to collect feedback and data from your audience, which can be analyzed and turned into shareable reports with actionable insights. You can develop a survey that not only asks your audience what they think of your content, but you can also ask them what other types of content they may be interested in. People love to tell you what they think! 

3. Use segmentation to build communities

Our marketing content tends to be broad. This makes sense because we don’t want to share content that is so nuanced that it excludes a majority of our audiences. However, if we are able to segment our audiences into smaller groups based on their interests, we can create communities and develop content specific for those communities. Once our segments are established, we can create spaces within our websites or our social channels that allow members of our home-grown communities to interact with each other.

Asking your audience to take an action is fine if all you want them to do is consume your content. But if you want to know what they think about your content, or even better, share your content, consider incorporating calls to interaction into your communications. 

Curious how incorporating calls to interaction into your marketing could help improve audience engagement? Contact us today and we can help you explore your options!

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