Life, and especially work, can get real busy real fast. If we are not careful, we can find ourselves on auto-pilot. But if we want our marketing efforts to be innovative, interesting, and effective, we cannot be on auto-pilot! To help us keep our focus, we can view our marketing efforts through a child’s eyes.


1. Remain in a constant state of curiosity

Children seem to have an endless supply of curiosity. Perhaps this is because everything is new to them. They are not satisfied with a simple answer to their initial question. Instead, they have their age-old, trademark follow-up question: “Why?” When we work on our marketing efforts, we can hearken back to our childhood and dig deeper into our work by asking ourselves “why?” a few more times. Why are we marketing to this particular audience? Why do we think our messaging will resonate? Why don’t we try a new approach? It’s amazing what the right question can do, and it’s even more amazing that the question may only need to contain three letters. 

2. Be Open-minded

Perhaps this doesn’t apply to vegetables, but in just about every other aspect of life, children seem to have an open mind. They have not developed any type of prejudice towards people or ideas. Their open-mindedness allows them to be in a constant state of exploration. We can follow their example when it comes to marketing. If you have stayed away from certain campaigns like email marketing or social media ads because you have never done them before, perhaps it’s time to give them a try. New marketing efforts are not brussels sprouts! 

3. When you fall, get back up and try again

Kids are amazingly resilient, aren’t they? From learning to walk, to learning how to ride a bike, the way children get back up after they fall is truly inspiring. We have all fallen down at work, and after falling down we may not have been anxious to get back up and try something challenging again. Falling (failing) at work is embarrassing, and it bruises our egos. But we don’t make progress if we don’t get back up and keep trying. We can learn from children when we fail…we can dust ourselves off and hop right back on that bike. 

Viewing our marketing efforts through a child’s eyes may be just the spark we need to improve our marketing. 

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