Lava Lamp

In today’s fast-paced, instant gratification society, we have grown accustomed to receiving things right away. If there are more than two people ahead of us at the self-checkout line we lose our minds! And if our online food order isn’t at our front door in 15 minutes, we get frustrated and wonder where the driver could possibly be. 

When it comes to marketing, we often feel a similar anxiousness when we start a new campaign or promotion. If we don’t see results in the form of clicks, likes, or purchases immediately after launch, we jump to the conclusion that the effort is a failure, and it’s time to pull the plug and cut our losses. 

It may help to compare marketing to a lava lamp. When you first turn it on, not much happens. Then, after a little time has gone by, the blobs start to take shape. A little while longer, after the heat has really kicked in, the shapes grow larger and more beautiful. Before you know it, you’ve got a visual masterpiece growing right in front of you!

Lava lamps create stunning visuals that you can enjoy for extended periods of time, as long as you have the patience to allow them to take shape. Marketing is the same way. Campaigns and promotions often take a bit of time to take shape. The question is, will you have the patience to allow the results to occur?

Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below! And of course we’d love the opportunity to create a marketing campaign lava lamp for your business. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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